To build a permanent endowment that creates and sustains innovative projects, services and opportunities that enhance the Norfolk area and make a positive impact on people’s lives.


The Norfolk Area Community Foundation Fund envisions a growing, thriving community where giving back is a priority and an ongoing process for all citizens.  A community where there is available funding for innovative projects, services, and opportunities that enhance the Norfolk area and make a difference in people’s lives.  


We believe in creating partnership in our community that foster teamwork, maximize our ability to fulfill our vision and create a culture of giving.

We believe in maintaining credibility as an organization by being fair, reliable and trustworthy in our interactions with donors, recipients and the community.

We believe in operating with integrity in our commitments to donors, partners and those in whom we invest by maintaining confidentiality, compliance with the law, and honoring donor intent.

We believe in treating all donors, recipients and community members with respect by taking into consideration the thoughts, feelings and life experiences of others and understanding that all people have value and worth.